Stay · Eat · Play in 100 years water and nature

『 Harie Life』



Good access 45 minute by train from Kyoto station.
Children playing in the river, rice planting and fishing as a living,
connecting people and people,

There is an original landscape of Japan in Harie.

A special time in the town of water, where spring water overflows,
feels the breathing of nature and people.

Please come and enjoy the refreshing mind and body.


<How to enjoy "Harie">


Play in nature such as fish scooping


●Magnificent view of Biwa-ko and mountains from the train window


●Taste a local Japanese food.


●Taste sake at Kawashima-Shuzo (sake brewery) 


●Visit private homes of local people in Harie and see "kabata"


●Idyllic atmosphere of Harie village and around




Water,Food,Life photo: by Yhoshinori Yamazaki and more


nature photo: by Takahiro Komai


↑four seasons about takashima

movie: by Takahiro Komai

↑feed carp in a pond

Racine home Harie




TEL: (81)-740-20-6570

FAX: (81)-740-20-6572